Our Process

The Better Lab was founded to develop new ways to address health care challenges through greater empathy and better design and to study these new methods and their outcomes with rigorous public health methodologies.

We use human centered design, a method that employs ethnographic research methods to study problems from the perspective of the users. The results yield a more in-depth understanding of the systems challenges than could be understood through traditional surveys, interviews and focus groups. Using this thorough understanding of the user’s challenges, we then synthesize our findings, identify opportunity areas, and rapidly prototype to test interventions in a low-risk, low-cost, low-resource way. Prototypes are implemented in real-time with rapid-cycle testing, evaluation and refinement. We further study these prototypes with rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods

We believe that by understanding our users better we can implement more informed quality improvement interventions, and that by rapidly prototyping we will be able to get to better faster.