3 Things ...

In keeping with the interdisciplinary and creative nature of our work, another "3 Things" that recently brought us delight and/or wonder. Enjoy!

Stanford University professor and author Tina Selig.

Stanford University professor and author Tina Selig.

Check out Startup Grind’s recent podcast with Tina Selig on “Engineering a Culture of Creativity.” Tina Selig is a distinguished author and Stanford professor – but most of all she’s just crazy smart and on-point when it comes to the issue of creativity. If you want to cut through all the nebulous talk on innovation to get to the heart things, listen (and read) Selig. We consume a lot of this sort of stuff, but Selig is in a class of her own. Love, love, love this discussion! #trypod

Tina Selig on Startup Grind

OK, truth be told, we read this book a while ago – but the story lingers. The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas by Anand Giridharadas is one of the most powerful narratives about hate, ignorance and – ultimately – redemption that we’ve read. This true story of a Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant who commits himself to forgiveness and compassion for the Texan white separatist who shot him in a vengeful rage post 911 is an urgent and eloquent story that explores the depths of isolation of those living on the margins of society – and the possibility for understanding. This is a book you’ll never forget.

And, finally, because guilt is a feeling most of us understand … The Pet’s Collective’s compilation of Guilty Dogs. You will see yourself in there somewhere– and just maybe laugh out loud.